Have you ever wondered about BIG FOOT or SASQUATCH sightings? Do they exist or is it just another tall tale that we have grown up hearing about! Well we have a way to help you decide if your a believer or not. Join us in Harrison Hot Springs on a Sasquatch Country Adventure Tour and decide for yourself.

The tour starts right from the Harrison Beach Hotel where you will be picked up by the guides and taken up the east side of the lake into Sasquatch Provincial Park. While in the Park you will hear of many of the sightings in the area while enjoying a scenic tour in the lush back country surrounding Harrison Hot Springs. You will get to hear about many of the most well known sighting reports in Sasquatch history as well of the capture of a young Sasquatch above the town of Yale in 1884.  If that doesn’t have you questioning your stance on the Sasquatch, your guides will also give you a chance to look at cast footprints and other evidence suggesting the existence of this mystical creature.  Whether you’re a believer, a skeptic or just along for this ride this tour provides a little bit of excitement, beauty and intrigue for everyone.

So now it is just your turn to decide whether you believe or not.

To learn more or to book your Sasquatch tour please contact our guest services at Harrison Beach Hotel.

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